Our group Suiō-Ryū Hekian (水鴎流碧庵) was founded by Sōke Katsuse Yoshimitsu Kagehiro, on October 12, 2015 at the 41th Suiō-Ryū Koden Budo Taikai in Fujieda, Japan. We are the french shibu of the Suiō-Ryū Iai Kenpō.The group is under the responsibility of Joan Cresp. All group members are students of Soke Katsuse. We are not affiliated with any other organization or federation.

Contact informations

If you are interested in practicing Suiō-Ryū in Toulouse, please contact Joan Cresp at :


  • Tuesday : 20h-22h
  • Thursday : 20h-22h
  • Friday : 20h-22h


  • ITAO, 9 impasse des Arènes, 31100 Toulouse, France (metro Arènes)


Photo Oscar Ibañez.